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If you have any class reunion information, please email me at rgreen7677@sbcglobal.net

Finally!  Homecoming will be October 5th and 6th.  Festivities will begin on Thursday ngith with a bonfire unless there is a burn ban,  Alumni activities will begin Pre-Game at 7:00 pm.  There will be NO after game reception due to low attendance.  Saturday morning, the Alumni Reception will be held at the museum from 9:30 until 12:30.  It will be come and go.  The Distinguished Alumni and Coming Home Queen will not be revealed until the game.

The Class of 1952 will celebrate their 60th reunion at the Farm House Restaurant on Saturday the 6th.

The Class of 1962 is making plans to have their reunion at the Smith Lodge.  That's all the information I have so far!!

The Class of 1967 is planning a big reunion!  They met on July 14th at the Coffee Cabaret.  They met for four hours - now that's some serious planning!!  It was reported that if you weren't there, you were either talked about or put in charge of something!  Better check on that!

The Class will meet at the game on Friday night and probably sit together.  On Saturday, the class will meet at the Mexia Schools Museum.  After the reception, the group will move to the Farmhouse Restaurant across from Walmart in the old Rusty's Western Wear Building.  There will be a room just for the class to use.

For more information, contact Mary Nan at BillandMaryNan@aol.com, Pat Bea Adams, or Bill McCullough.  I hear he is in charge!!

One more tidbit of information:  Janet Burke McMillan has a yearbook - only it is not hers.  She is searching diligently for hers!  If anyone knows anything about her yearbook, let her know at jabmcmillan77320@yahoo.com.

The Class of 1977 is planning a Saturday get together.  They will get together at the Shiloh Community Center at 11:00 for a potluck lunch.  Paper goods and drinks will be provided.  The Class will get together at 7:00 pm for dinner at Coffee Cabaret.  After dinner, for those so inclined, they will meet at Coyote Run at 9:00 pm.  For more information contact Peffy Billingsley at peggybillingsley@gmail.com

The Class of 1992 is having a "party til you drop" schedule of activities.  Not sure what all that ensues so someone needs to let me know.

Roxanne McKnight is the primary reporter for The Mexia News.  You can email her at rmcknight@themexianews.com.  You may want to send in your class Homecoming plans ASAP to be published.