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The Superintendents  for the early years were:  John C. Moore, 1884-1887; R. B. Cousins, 1887-1903; N. R. Crozier, 1903-1905; W. B. Toone, 1905-1906; E. B. Stover, 1906-1914; A. G. Koenig, 1914-1915; and A. B. Weisner, 1915-1916.  Mr. Weisner was killed in the Opera House explosion.

A complete roll of the class of 1900 was not available.  Two members of the class were Charles Harris and Anna Compton, both of whom were important to the history of Mexia.  Harris, as far as is known about him, is the only native of Mexia to achieve the military rank of Major General.  Compton was a long-time teacher in our school system.

The pay for the Principal in 1900 was $150 a month.  Teachers were $55 a month and the janitor made $25 a month.

School was dismissed from the second Monday in February, 1901 for thirty days because of Scarlet Fever.  Parents were afraid to send their children to school for fear of them taking the disease.

This is a partial list of the 10th and 11th graders of 1901.  There was no listing of seniors.

  • Noland Arvin
  • Harvey Bennett
  • Guy Bond
  • Nathan Bourland
  • Minnie Carroll
  • Oscar Cox
  • Doyle David
  • Lillie Maude David
  • John Friley
  • Bess Gladdish
  • Gertie Green
  • Sadie Green
  • John Groover
  • Sallie Lou Hall
  • Bethel Hancock
  • Mabel Lewis
  • Tom Lewis
  • Lillian Machon
  • Nat Machon
  • John McBonner
  • Joe McCain
  • Ona McDonald
  • Lisia Miller
  • Retta Murphy
  • Jake Nussbaum
  • Rosa Phillips
  • Ona Roberts
  • George Ross
  • Vernon Ross
  • Luella Smith
  • Luther Smith
  • Laura Steen
  • Mary Steele
  • Ernest Stevens
  • Emma Taylor
  • Sophia Wood
  • Oran Wroe

Surrounded by the family and school board of the Mexia Public School, with a host of admiring friends and fellow citizens, the class of 1904 passed from the threshold of schooldom into the outer realm of reality.  The stage at the Opera House was most beautifully and tastily decorated.  The music was furnished by the Prairie Grove Band.  High above the heads of the graduates was a gilded monogram, M.H.S.  (This is an excerpt from the program of Closing Exercises for the class of 1904.

  • Roger L. Burgess
  • W. Barney Humphries
  • Janie Loader
  • T. Osro Lofland
  • Birnie May
  • Ena McDonald
  • J. Rueben Neese
  • William M. Peyton
  • May Phillips
  • H. Clay Watson
  • Herbert Wright

Julia Kauhl was a member of the class of 1906.  She later was employed as a teacher and spent her entire life teaching career in the Mexia ISD.  Hiram Sterling fled the law and became the star of a "wild west show."  Ben Jackson remained in Mexia throughout his life and wrote a newspaper column about Mexia's history for the Centennial additions.

  • Sam Berry
  • Theo Bessling
  • Clara Best
  • Louise Bonner
  • Lucy Kate Bozeman
  • Leon Bryant
  • Preston Burgess
  • Bartow Cousins
  • Jennie Bell Dies
  • Katy Gray
  • Annie Griffith
  • Clay Griffith
  • Ruby Hayter
  • Ben Jackson
  • Julia Kauhl
  • Helen King
  • Mattie Bess Loader
  • Talmadge McDonald
  • Ione McSwain
  • Leonard Miller
  • Terrell Oliphant
  • Phocion Park
  • Mildred Phillips
  • Henry Picture
  • Mary Picture
  • Tom Rennolds
  • Grace Schulz
  • Eugene Sinclair
  • Frank Steen
  • Wiley Steen
  • Hiram Sterling
  • Brozia Stitt
  • Ileen Thomas
  • Maud Vaughn
  • Etta Mae Wooten

There was not a list available for the Class of 1907.

Superintendent Stover's salary was $1300 per year.

In May, 1907, these men were chosen as officers for the following year's school board:  W. M. White, President; Julius Desenberg, VP; J. W. Clark, Treasurer; and W. M. Johnson, Secretary.  Other members were Tracy McKenzie and Dr. J. M. Conrad.

  • May Bessling
  • Lil Harper
  • Guy Herring
  • Reuben Jackson
  • Anna Lake
  • Mary Lewis
  • Ada McDonald
  • Ella Mosely
  • Mary Ross
  • Eula Schulz

Excerpts from the 1908 handbook:

"For grades below high school, the Superintendent shall prepare all term examinations.  For high school grades, all examination questions must receive his approval."

"If the teacher fails to reach school at the specified time, she must report in writing to the Superintendent the amount of tardiness.  Any teacher violating this regulation without a valid excuse shall forfeit a half day's pay."

"Those students not completing the requirements in German or Latin will receive a certificate only and will not receive a diploma or graduate."

There was not a complete list of the Class of 1909.  Some of the members were:

  • Lillian Bigger
  • Mary Corley
  • Willie Gilmore
  • Blake Hancock
  • Hilda Nussbaum
  • Leslie Sinclair
  • Mabel Sturdivant
  • Fay Yeldell

The school year of 1908-1909 saw the publication of The Mexia High School Magazine.  Since that time the schools literary efforts have taken many forms.

Here are some excerpts from the magazine:

Two teachers gone the day after Thanksgiving!  Thursday we might have said "The best is yet to be.  There is still rest for the weary."

The ninth grade began the reading of Caesar on the 7th.  Resolutions have been properly drafted, assuring the class that it has the sympathy of the entire school.

The basket ball teams have secured a copy of standard rules for the game, and they are ready to play in earnest as soon as the weather and the senior play permit.

A contract for the new high school building was awarded to C. W. Fugun for $10,031.27 and to S. E. Hooker for $3343.75.