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There was not a complete list of the Class of 1910.  Some of the attendees of the 1910 Junior -Senior Party, which was held at the home of J. L. Smith on Ross Avenue were:  Oscar Denning, Felix Jackson, Claude Johansen, Hollie Green, Marvin Sanders, Julia Stevens, Louis Nussbaum, Howard Dailey, Oscar Park, Lillie Beckham, Esther Mosely, Inez McSwain, Joe McDaniel, Ernestine Alderman, Zuleika Corley, Rollin Shaw, Fannie Kincheloe, Herbert Arvin, Gertrude David, Ruth Baugh, Mildred Cook, Robert Yeldell, Francis Dickson, Bess Denning, Roy Johansen, J. F. Denning, and Willie Mae White.

George W. Perkins was elected to serve as Principal of the primary school.  His salary was to be $75.00 per month.

In May 1910, John R. Corley was awarded the contract for moving the new desks to the new school building and for moving old desks from the old school to the new school.

$1000.00 in insurance was acquired for the new school building.

There was not a list of the Class of 1911; however, these students were listed for Graduation Essays.

  • Gladys Bandy
  • Katie Bonner
  • Pearl Buchanan
  • Teffis Camp
  • Laura Conrad
  • Elsie Desenberg
  • Mary Ellington
  • Kate Hancock
  • Elmore Hinchliffe
  • Roland Hinchliffe
  • Ada McLendon
  • Josie Newman
  • L. T. Sharp
  • Kate Steele
  • Marion Waller

Mrs. R. J. Ellington gave a lawn party in honor of her daughter, Miss Mary and the Sweet Girl Graduates.  A salad course and sandwiches were enjoyed by the hungry light-hearted girls.  Mrs. Ellington presented each girl with a dainty fan to which were attached hand-painted score cards.  Several exciting games of forty-two were played before the good-byes were said.

A note to Patrons of Mexia High School:  The Board of Trustees promises to the patrons of the Mexia High School increased efficiency during the year 1911 and 1912.  Write your friends everywhere to send their boys and girls to our High School.

There was no list for the Class of 1912.

There was no list for the Class of 1913.

The class roll for the Class of 1914 are as follows:

  • John B. Barnett
  • Bessie Butler
  • Hilda Clark
  • Douglas Cogdell
  • Loman Cox
  • Will H. Dennis
  • Corine Desenberg
  • Dasa Ellington
  • Rosa Felz
  • Ruth Jackson
  • Stella Johnson
  • Murphy Harper
  • Vester Hughes
  • Wright Kincheloe
  • Ruby Mayo
  • William A. Rasco
  • Lillian Ross
  • Charles Miles
  • David Stevens
  • Laura Perkins

A listing of teachers from a student's memory book included:  E. B. Stover, Superintendent; A. G. Koenig, Principal; Miss Beck, History; Miss Stalzfus, German; Miss Watson, Mathematics; Miss Blanchard, English; Miss Faust, English; Miss Whitehouse, History; and Miss Runge, German.

The Mexia Weekly Herald wrote an article about the Commencement Exercises.  Some of the excerpts are:

The Commencement Exercises were held at the Opera House on Friday, May 29, 1914.

Miss Lillian Ross, the class poet, was ill and could not appear to read her poem, which was regretted by all.

The music and papers were fine, being both instructive and entertaining.

The graduation class of twenty was equally divided, there being ten boys and ten girls, and is one of the largest classes ever graduated from our school.

There is no list for the Class of 1916.

Mexia residents suffered a tragedy on the night of February 16, 1916.  The opera house, a two-story structure located in downtown Mexia, exploded, followed by a billowing cloud of dust, and collapsed into a pile of rubble.  The explosion was due to a gas leak.  Debris smashed down on a small cafe and a half block of buildings were badly damaged or destroyed.

The tragedy claimed the lives of nine people.  Eight others were injured.  Among the dead were School Superintendent and Mrs. A. B. Weisner and O. C. Bruton, the high school principal.  They were on the lower floor of the opera house - in a room where an art exhibit was to be held later that night.

Others who were killed were Paul Yeldell, Claude Johansen, Oscar Johansen, Ray Cox, Ray Hitt and Tolly Womack.  All of them were in the cafe when it was smashed by the tumbling wall of the opera house.

Many witnesses said that the explosion came when Principal Bruton started to light a heater.  It is still remembered as the greatest calamity to ever hit the town.

There is no roster for the Class of 1917.

There is no roster for the Class of 1918.

A note written by Peyton Still on March 1, 1918 said, "We may wander here and there, And other girls we will be sure to meet, But the Texas girls - they can't be beat, As there are none so fair and few so sweet."  His next quote was "Off to war."  "A sad mistake - forget it!"

Pat Neff was the speaker at the 1919 commencement services.  He served as Texas Governor from 1921 - 1925.

  • Minnie Auld
  • Frances Bass
  • John Corley
  • Maud DeLong
  • Frank Felz
  • Mary Edna Finch
  • Eleanor Huffman
  • Everett Jackson
  • Verna Johnson
  • Frederika Karner
  • Annie Mae Magnenat
  • Gladys Mayo
  • Annie Lee McDonald
  • Mabel Murray
  • Willie Odom
  • Cap Patton
  • Ora Phillips
  • June Suttle
  • Marvin Suttle
  • Juanita Wallace