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There was no class list for 1920.

The Class of 1921 included:

  • Cecil Barnett
  • Clara Baker
  • Clay Berry
  • Doyle Hines
  • Ruth Holton
  • Rufus Little
  • Pauline Mayo
  • Mary Stelle Magnenat
  • Alma McKenzie
  • Estalena Peyton
  • Leland Phillips
  • Ruth Roller

The Senior Class colors were white and gold.  The Class flower was a daisy.  The Class Motto was "We are so far ahead we are lonesome."

Publication of a yearbook, named "The Axiem" was began with the 1920-1921.  It was published by the Senior Class.

Senior Class History:  This was written by Cecil Barnett, the Editor-In-Chief of The Axiem.

It was in the year of "17 that we, the class of 1921, began to participate in this wonderful realm of learning.  Prior to our entrance in high school, we were greatly divided; some coming from neighboring schools, others having just been promoted from the grammar school.  It was with great anxiety and emotions after being submitted by the upper class men who occasionally persuaded us to affirm the good tasting qualities of cigar snips, grass and other paraphernalia of mother nature, that we immediately set to work endeavoring to obtain the name we now possess.  As all other "fish" we were unable to realize our insignificance, but after that sensational fear and dread had been overcome we adjusted ourselves to surroundings and consented to confront the difficulties of school life.  Among other important activities which were highly endorsed by our superior class mates we organized a "pep" class to encourage our football stars on the gridiron.

Entering into our Sophomore year with more easiness of mind and a clearer conscience, we learned two powerful elements in school life which should be closely investigated by succeeding classes.  These are:  co-operation and unity.  It was in this class that obtained the school spirit which indirectly caused our success.

Our Junior class enrolled with a number that exceeded the past two years, but immediately after being classified many of our classmates were eliminated, leaving much responsibility on the remaining few.  After increased encouragement and determined ability we gave the Seniors a farewell banquet with joyful realization that we had attained the name "Senior."  Then we concentrated our thoughts towards the next year's tasks.

This proved to be very beneficial because at the very beginning of the year we decided to produce an annual, in which, our predecessors had been unsuccessful.  We possessed the ability but lacked experience, which caused us to confront many difficulties that will benefit our successors.  This undertaking has proved to be the the cause of a more friendly attitude toward one another that had never existed before.  This congenial feeling will remain strongly impressed upon us for many future years.  "Tho' we may all be scattered, Fond memories will turn back.  To the friends and gay companions Of the "Crimson and the Black."

The Class of 1922 includes:

  • Ina Bain
  • Frances Corley
  • Leola Cundiff
  • Harry Desenberg
  • Roselle Jackson
  • Sadie Knox
  • Josie Lee Maddox
  • Myrtle Martin
  • Lucile Mathis
  • Laura McDonald
  • Mason Pilcher
  • Raymond Pitts
  • Roy Pitts
  • Anderson Randolph
  • Pauline Sewell
  • Edith Speer
  • Hope Stephens
  • Alef Thompson
  • Ernest Watson
  • Mozelle Wildmann
  • Lida Mae Wills
  • Jack Womack, Jr.

In nearly every class, a member is claimed by death before graduation.  This was the case of Zack "Doc" Goolsby."  A loyal pal and one of the Seniors of "22."  It had always been "Doc's " ambitions to be a Senior "22, even in his Freshman year, and a although he was denied this privilege on account of ill health, The Class of "22 made him an honorary member, and dedicated their volume of "The Axiem" in his honor.

The growth of Mexia during the oil boom required the contrustion of the new high school on Red River Street.   The cost of the High School building, modern in every particular, cost about $180,000.  The School Board voted to increase salaries and the number of teachers; four in High School and 14 in Grammar school, making 31 in the faculty this year.

The view of Mexia in June 1921, would have revealed a thriving little town of about 4000 people; schools, churches, and commercial interest in keeping up with the size of the town.  The discovery of oil -- due to the faith and the untiring energy of our beloved citizen, Colonel A. E. Humphreys -- transformed over night, the town of Mexia into a city of 30,000 people.  Mexia was know as the "Tulsa of Texas."

There was no class list for 1923.

Miss Mary Porter Travis was chosen Queen of the Carnival.

Football "sponsors" evolved to football "sweethearts" --- perhaps the second best honor a senior girl can win.  Only "Homecoming Queen" carries more prestige.  The 1922-1923 football sponsor, Melba Petty, remained in Mexia as a businesslady.

The class of 1924 included:

Herman AdamsWretha Merrill
James AlewineEugenya Mullens
Miriam BassLela Parker
Marie BoydBernice Powers
Jenevieve CobbFrankie Mae Roach
Machon ForrestGlen Rogers
Marguerite FranksOmar Seely
J. L. GatlinRobert Storey
Elise GibsonAileen Tittle
Deborah Hinchliffe     Lester Tolson
Lansing JonesMadeline Topp
Joe JonesGerald Upton
W. B. KendrickVelma Wallace
Lucille KennedyNona Ward
Albertine MaceJack Weeks
Love McDonaldJosie Wright
Irma McDonaldJoe Yarbrough

The Class Colors were pastel shades.  The Class Flower was the Sweet Pea.

The Class Motto was "The ropes we pull today will ring the bells of the future."

The Class of 1924 was the first graduating class at the new nigh school on Red River Street.

There was no list for the Class of 1925.

The school magazine for the 1920's was called "The Black Cat Magazine." A listing of the staff included:

  • Editor-In Chief - Ray Thomas
  • Associate Editor - Jesse Mae Sherrer
  • Business Manager - Jack Simmons
  • Advertising Manager - Mack Walters
  • Assistant Advertising Manager - George Blitch
  • Literary Editor - Mary Porter Travis
  • Comic Editor - Carlos Clover
  • Exchange Editor - Ellen Smith
  • Literary Advisor - Mrs. Edgar T. Staton
  • Financial Advisor - Mr. G. W. Evans
  • Society Editor - Eleanor Moore
  • Athletic Editor - Rufus McKenzie

The contents of the school magazine included:  Editorials, literary musings, school news, athletics, humor and poems by students, including "A Junior's Prayer" by Ruby Hitt.

There was no list for the Class of 1926.

The Class of 1927 included:

Edward AllenLeldon DupuyCarolyn Patterson
Ola BarnesImarae FaulkW. T. Posey
Elizabeth BeechRay FielderHarrell Powers
Jessica BeesonGary FinchWilma Prosser
Myrtis BeeneVester GoolsbyThelma Reeves
Andrea BettsArtie Mae HammontLillie Robinson
Lurlie BettsChester HarrisVirginia Rollins
Thomas BlackmonDonald HeldGertrude Rogers
Dannie Lloyd Bowers     Annie Fae HendonVera Sawyer
Josie BoydMary Belle Hickerson     George Smith
Dorothy BrownBecklien JacksonPauline Stephens
Virginia CarmenLloyd KerzeeWillie Mae Stewart
Helen CochranFelix KnoffGuy Stokes
Billie CollinsMorris KnoxMargaret Storey
Margaret CollierEva LillyRalph Taylor
Agnes CookAlexander McDonaldThelma Taylor
Kate CorneliusHoward McDougalLoretta Thigpen
Rita CoxRubye MillerHazel Ward
Alice DanielsDerrill NortonRubye Wilson
Elizabeth DeBeechFaye Overstreet

The Black Cat Magazine had a dedication to the memory of Jim Seely Karner.  "We mourn his loss as an athlete, a student and an enthusiastic supporter of every phase of high school activity."

The Class of 1928 included:

Bernice AndersonEdwin IleyHardin Smith
Joe ArledgeFloy JacksonMargaret Smith
Lola BarnesDorothy KinslowCorinne Stephens
Ruby BarringerFrances LeeGuy Stokes
Obera BennettTrudie MackeyJewel Thompson         
Ola Faye BoltonLouise MaddoxRobert Travis
R. L. BoundsOdele MatthewsIlene Westmoreland
Thelma Breithaupt     Viola McBayJ. T. Williams
Bower CriderBuna Faye MillerJosephine Wolford
John DominyPhae OverstreetJim Robert Wright
Velma EnglishLilla PeeplesOra Lee Wylie
Roger EnnisRoss PittmanMargaret Yeldell
Helen HallElwood Potter
Ruth HallBarker Priddy
Nell HawkinsJuliette Rathbone    
Billie HightAlden Rogers
Elizabeth HoukJames Sellers
Myrtle HumphfusFaye Smith

There was no list for the class of 1929.